Bjelašnica Mountain (Lukomir-Rakitnica-Bobovica)

Tour Description:

Lukomir hiking tour is the most beautiful hiking tour that can be done within just 1h and 30min of driving from Sarajevo. Visit this Bosnian highest and most isolated village, where people still live in the way they have lived centuries ago and find out how they are managing all winter long, cut of the civilization. Also, get in to the story of the dragon and much more, booking this amazing tour (see the trailer beneath :) 


Starting from Sarajevo (8:00 AM) we are going towards Mountain Bjelašnica, one of the three Olympic mountains on which 14th Winter Olympic games were held 1984. 

After 1,5h of driving we will get to the Lukomir village, which is situated 1500m above sea level, and which represents the best insight in traditional lifestyle of Dinaric highlanders. Stone houses covered with cheery tree shingles and women’s wearing traditional folk attire will tickle your imagination while we drink coffee with our hosts from the village. You will have a first-hand opportunity to discover from highlanders about their way of life during the hard winter times when they stay isolated from rest of the world for 5 months. Only way to get to the nearest village is by skiing or by foot…amazing, isn’t it? 

Here you will have a chance to see and to buy some handicrafts or herbs from the locals.                      After a coffee in Lukomir, the mountain path leads us near the edges of the Rakitnica Canyon with outstanding view on 800m drop below, which makes it one of the deepest canyons in the Europe.

Soon after we will get in to the most mentioned valley of Studeni Potok (Cold Creek), through which the dragon gets its way up…well, you will anyway hear the rest of the story on the tour 

Our last point, after 3h of easy walking downhill from Lukomir, is the village of Umoljani, where we are going to have a crazy delicious local lunch called “PITA”-the pie, and local yogurt and salad.  

After lunch, we are going to the Sarajevo, where we should be around 17:00 hours.

Tour Schedule:

This tour is perfect for the families and easy hikers, but we can organize circular tour from Umoljani village to the Lukomir village and back, over the peak of Obalj (total-6 hours of walking).

If you would like to change the time, or to include or create your own tour contact us