Bjelasnica, Olympic mountain and Boracko lake, MTB (2 day)


On MTB bikes we go to visit the Olympic beauty Bjelasnica. From Sarajevo to Bjelsnica we will ride 40 km road, of which 25 km is gravel road and 1100m altitude gain. Ascend towards Bjelasnica goes macadam road across Mount Igman. Before ascend to Igman mountain we will visit spring of river Bosna, which is located at the foot of Mount Igman. After lunch and break on Igman we will arrive at Bjelasnica Olimpic ski resort. From Bjelasnica ski resort to the mountain hut Bjele Vode (1450m) where we will be accommodate we will have one hour ride.

Next day we are going over the mountain Visocica via gravel road we are descending to Herzegovina region. Following canyon of river Neretva will lead us to Boracko Lake.

From Boracko Lake we will ride foot of Prenj Mountain and then we will descend to city of Konjic



Spring of river Bosna

Ski resort Olympic mountain of bjelasnice

Visocica mountain

Canyon of river Neretva

Boracko lake



1 day

  Start at:  9h

 Riding out of Sarajevo, climb up the Igman and Bjelasnica mountain

Spending the night at mountain hut Bijele vode at 1450m

2 day

Start at:  9h

Lunch break in village Ladjanica

Arrival in Sarajevo in the evening.